Congratulations on your engagement!

A wedding is a joyous occasion and there's a lot to think about...

... setting a date
... sending out invitations
... planning the ceremony and reception

With everything else going on, many couples put their prenuptial agreement on the back burner until it's almost too late.

Don't leave your prenuptial agreement to the last minute.

Delaying the completion of your prenuptial agreement can have serious pitfalls...

  • It becomes more vulnerable to legal challenges.
  • It's more likely to be rushed and miss something important.
  • It becomes a stressful last-minute task, right when you have far more exciting things on your plate!

Get peace of mind by starting ASAP...

Instead of waiting to the last minute, get your prenup squared away as soon as possible – so you can take the time you need to prepare your agreement carefully and respectfully, and then get back to focusing your attention on the coming celebration.

... and save money with flat fees.

One of the biggest complaints clients have about legal services is how much they cost. When you pay an hourly rate, by the time the work is done, the sticker shock can be huge! With flat fees, you know exactly how much you're paying, from start to finish.

Here are the three flat fee prenuptial agreement services offered:


  • Full, individual representation from start to finish, including unlimited drafting, review, consultation, and negotiation as needed.


  • Neutral mediation with both partners, guiding you through the process together, including preparation of a full written agreement that's ready to go.

Legal Opinion

  • Review and analysis of an existing draft agreement, including a detailed written report and personal consultation.

Work with an experienced professional.

My name is Rackham Karlsson. As a prenuptial agreement attorney and mediator, I help couples forge solid, mutual understandings and foundations for their financial partnerships.

Here's what clients have to say about my work...

  • "Above and beyond expectations of a lawyer."
  • "I never felt like I was just a case to him."
  • "Steady, compassionate mediator."
  • "He was extremely professional and straightforward... open and honest."

To get started, just click the button to schedule a free phone consultation. I'll be happy to discuss your specific goals and circumstances, and help you determine which prenuptial agreement service is right for you!