Prepare Your Prenuptial Agreement Together.

You've decided you want a prenuptial agreement, but don't like the idea of negotiating through attorneys at this important time in your lives. Good news — you and your partner can discuss and prepare a prenuptial agreement together, with a mediator's professional guidance.

Rackham Karlsson is an experienced prenuptial agreement mediator, providing:

  • Experience drafting a wide range of prenuptial agreements.
    Your prenuptial agreement should be as unique as your relationship and circumstances.
  • A respectful, collaborative approach.
    Make mutual, informed decisions about your prenuptial agreement, without sacrificing the joyful spirit of your upcoming marriage.
  • Understanding of the specific legal requirements for strong Massachusetts prenuptial agreements.
    As an experienced attorney who also mediates, I know how to draft prenuptial agreements that provide the legal protections you and your partner require.
  • Efficiency and professionalism.
    Prenuptial agreements are time-sensitive legal documents. Get started today!
Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney