An Opportunity to Contribute to Divorce Education

Vicki Shemin, Of Counsel at Boston Law Collaborative, LLC, is working on an exciting new project that enables divorced individuals to contribute their experiences to the world of divorce education. The project is called "Letters to Ex-Spouses: ... And I Just Wanted You to Know." In Vicki's own words:

This research project has two parts. First, there are few simple questions about your marriage and the divorce – questions that can be answered in about five minutes. Second – and this is really the heart of the project – you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience by writing an unsigned, anonymous letter to your former spouse. The letter can be long, short, or in-between. There is no expectation that you would actually send this letter. But by capturing your thoughts and feelings about your divorce, your letter (which will be included in a book-length collection of such letters) will provide insight to professionals and laypeople alike.

We believe that this book will be useful for family court judges, mediators, divorce attorneys, clergy, and therapists, and, perhaps more importantly, men and women who are considering marriage, remarriage, or divorce, because of the first-hand accounts of those who have traveled down the divorce path already.

This is a truly unique opportunity for divorced individuals to make their voices heard and help others going through the challenges of divorce.

If you are divorced and would like to contribute, please click here to participate in the online survey — and don't forget to pass this information along to anyone else you know who might be interested!