What Is Divorce Mediation?

A divorce mediator is a trained, neutral professional who facilitates dialogue between you and your spouse about the two important questions every divorcing couple needs to answer: what will our family look like post-divorce, and what will our finances look like post-divorce? The mediator then helps you prepare and finalize a separation agreement.

Divorce Mediation Is Effective

Mediation is a highly effective way to get divorced. Even highly litigated cases rarely go to trial, so by starting with mediation, you are simply cutting out the costly, adversarial, and generally unnecessary process of preparing for a trial that probably won't happen. Studies also show that negotiated agreements -- as opposed to court-imposed divorce judgments -- have higher compliance and satisfaction rates.

Divorce Mediation Saves Money

In many cases, mediation is far less expensive than litigation. Litigation is geared toward preparing for a possible trial, and therefore includes numerous legal expenses that simply aren't necessary in mediation -- such as extensive discovery, motions, oppositions, hearings, etc. These combined expenses can easily mount into the tens of thousands of dollars.  In a typical divorce mediation, the spouses share the cost of the mediator. If lawyers are involved, they play an advisory -- not adversarial -- role in the process. Thus, with a skilled mediator's assistance, spouses can reach a separation agreement more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of divorce litigation.

Divorce Mediation Makes Sense

Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to:

  • Reach a separation agreement without dragging each other through an adversarial court process.
  • Determine for yourselves what your family and finances will look like after the divorce, rather than leaving it in a judge's hands.
  • If you have children, create a framework for effective coparenting without the harmful animosity that comes with litigation.
  • Save money by avoiding costly litigation fees.
  • Get divorced more quickly.
Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney