What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative law is an antidote to all the stories you have heard about miserable divorces, contentious custody battles, and tiring days in court.

Neither Attorney Can Take the Case to Court

At the core of Collaborative Divorce is the Collaborative Agreement, which both spouses and their attorneys must sign. The agreement prevents either collaborative divorce attorney from taking the case to court, in the extremely rare event that the collaborative process breaks down. This agreement is essential to keeping the focus on settlement efforts, knowing that all the professionals at the table are motivated to make the process work.

Collaborative Divorce Is Structured and Principled

With the Collaborative Agreement at its core, Collaborative Divorce offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Specifically trained and qualified professionals – including collaborative divorce attorneys and a neutral facilitator – working together to help you and your spouse reach a fair and reasonable agreement.
  • A formal process with respectful dialogue and mutual problem solving at its core.
  • A chance to build a future that works for your family, not just what the court tells you to do.

Choose a private, dignified approach to divorce.

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney