Yes, You Are STILL a Media Company.

Last week, I shared 4 Inescapable Lessons from Clio Cloud Conference 2016, including some observations on the state of legal marketing.

I mentioned that Gary Vaynerchuk's closing keynote was inspiring, but not terribly sophisticated or revolutionary. Let me show you just how NOT revolutionary it was.

Remember when Gary Vee said, "You are a media company," and followed up with (paraphrasing), "Who knew that was the cost of entry?"

Did you know he was saying the exact same thing three years ago? Check out the video embedded in that article:

If you saw the keynote, you're probably getting déjà vu right now.

And yet, in 2016, legal professionals are still pushing back on the basic principles of content marketing.

If you were at Gary Vee's keynote, you'll remember the woman who lamented that she'd spent $40,000 on SEO services in the last year, with a negative ROI.

The $40,000 number doesn't actually bother me. If it had generated $1,000,000 in billable work, that would have been a great investment.

No, what bothered me was that she said she'd only started focusing on content in the last 2 months

What if she'd instead spent $40,000 worth of billable time in the last year sharing her legal knowledge and perspective in a blog, and then a few dollars promoting it on social media? The ROI would have been far better, and her SEO would have improved organically at the same time from all that relevant content!

You are a media company. You were in 2013, and you still are today. You have to define your brand and then tell a story about that brand, in a way that's authentic to you.

  • Write a weekly blog.
  • Start a podcast.
  • Make YouTube videos.
  • Publish and promote your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram... wherever your audience lives online.

It doesn't matter, as long as you find something that works for you. But you have to be a media company. You have to be out there, telling your story — whether it's in person or on people's mobile phones. (I prefer the phones, because that's where people's attention is.)

Stop fighting it and start working on it.