How Do You Market Your Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Practice?

This May, if I'm not too braindead following the birth of our third son (due late March), I will be presenting at a Greater Boston Collaborative Practice Group meeting on the subject of "Closing the Information Gap on Alternatives to Divorce Litigation." The thesis of the presentation is simple: most people don't use alternatives to divorce litigation — such as divorce mediation and Collaborative Divorce — because most people don't know about the alternatives. I've shared this graphic before...

... and suggested in Part 5 of my Divorce Corp. review that raising public awareness of alternatives to divorce litigation is a key component of meaningful divorce reform.Now, I put the question to all my colleagues in divorce mediation and Collaborative Divorce: how do you market your practice? What do you do to raise public awareness of the services you offer and the benefits they provide over traditional divorce litigation?

Do you...

  • blog?
  • host public seminars?
  • advertise in local media such as television, radio, websites, or newspapers?
  • something else?

What more can we be doing?

What are we doing wrong?

How can we improve our marketing to bridge the information gap and make alternatives to litigation the default in divorce?

Please contribute to the discussion and help us change how divorce is done in the United States!