You've heard the horror stories.

You know how awful divorce can be. A public, adversarial process that lays bare the most intimate details of your life in open court. Exorbitant legal fees, only to leave the final decisions about your family and finances in an overworked judge's hands. Hostility, broken communication, and the lost hope of preserving a meaningful post-divorce relationship.

Your divorce can be different.

What if you and your spouse could make all the decisions about your divorce yourselves, with professional guidance? What if you could get divorced through a private, mutually respectful process that doesn't put your lives on public display or into a judge's hands?

Collaborative divorce and mediation are private, respectful divorce processes. With professional support, you can create a mutually agreeable plan for the future, preserving your privacy and dignity in the process.

How mediators and collaborative lawyers approach divorce, as told with bricks!


In collaborative divorce, both of your attorneys are contractually barred from litigating your divorce in court, ensuring that everybody's interests are aligned toward out-of-court settlement.


In mediation, a neutral facilitator guides you through the process of reaching agreements on all aspects of your divorce. Individual attorneys are recommended but not required.


Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Prevent future conflict by reaching agreements today about what would happen to your income and assets in the unfortunate event of divorce.

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

What clients are saying...

  • "Above and beyond expectations of a lawyer."
  • "I never felt like I was just a case to him."
  • "Steady, compassionate mediator."
  • "He was extremely professional and straightforward... open and honest."
  • "I hope not to have to be in need of his services again, but would recommend Rackham Karlsson to anyone who needs his professional help."