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Too Many Divorces Play Out in Open Court.

Your marriage, finances, and children are private family concerns. But divorce litigation is a public, adversarial process that increases hostility, breaks down communication, and puts your family on display in open court.

In litigated divorce, everything from custody disputes to allegations of infidelity are argued before a judge — just one of the dozens of cases being heard that day. You have only a few minutes to convince the judge to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Does your divorce belong in a courtroom?


Your Divorce Can Be Different.

Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are proven alternatives to courtroom litigation.


My practice emphasizes dialogue and mutual problem solving. Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce allow couples to take control of critical decisions about their divorce, including their finances and children. These types of decisions are far better made by a couple in private than by a judge in open court.

Rackham Karlsson
Mediator and Collaborative Attorney


You don't have to put your family's future in a judge's hands. Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce allow you to talk through important decisions — from finances to parenting schedules — and create a workable plan for the future.

feature1-small Divorce Mediation

A mediator is a neutral facilitator who guides the couple through difficult conversations, with the goal of helping them reach mutual agreement on all aspects of their divorce.
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feature1-small Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce combines the benefits of a neutral facilitator with the support of collaboratively trained attorneys who are committed — in writing! — to staying out of court.
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feature1-small Prenuptial Agreements

With the right support in preparing their prenuptial agreement, a happy couple can not only gain peace of mind, but also lay the foundation for a successful financial partnership.
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What Clients Are Saying


Steady, compassionate mediator.


“Above and beyond expectations of a lawyer.”


I never felt like I was just a case to him.


He was extremely professional and straight-forward ... open and honest. 

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