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Keep your divorce private and respectful. Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are proven out-of-court alternatives to divorce litigation.
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Prenuptial Agreements

Avoid conflict before it starts and lay the groundwork for a successful partnership by making important financial decisions together before your wedding.
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Unmarried Parents

Get help resolving disputes about custody, scheduling, child support, parenting decisions, and other out-of-wedlock parenting concerns without litigation. 
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Most Family Disputes Don't Belong In Court!

Your marriage, finances, and children are private family concerns. Far too many divorces and other family disputes end up in open court.

Courtroom litigation is a public, adversarial process that increases hostility, breaks down communication, and puts your private family concerns on display in open court. It doesn't have to be that way.

Mediation and collaborative law are private, respectful alternatives to courtroom litigation. With the help of a mediator or collaborative attorney, you can address important family concerns in a private setting where you — not a judge — control the process and work toward mutually agreeable solutions.

Or, you can prevent conflict before it starts by using a prenuptial agreement to make important financial decisions together, before your wedding.

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