Your divorce doesn't belong in open court.

Your marriage, finances, and children are private family concerns. But divorce litigation is a public, adversarial process. Everything from custody disputes to allegations of infidelity are argued before a judge in open court — just one of the dozens of cases being heard that day. You have only a few minutes to convince the judge to make lasting decisions for you and your family. The result is increased hostility, broken communication, and public exposition of your private family concerns.

Your divorce can be different.

You don't have to put your family's future in a judge's hands. You don't have to use a corrosive, adversarial process. You don't have to put your private family concerns on public display. Divorce mediation and collaborative law are proven alternatives to divorce litigation. They provide the professional support you need to talk through the important decisions involved in your divorce — from finances to parenting schedules — and create a mutually agreeable, workable plan for the future.


Collaborative divorce

In collaborative divorce, your attorneys both commit to helping you settle your divorce without resorting to litigation. A neutral facilitator helps the attorneys guide you toward mutual agreement.

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A mediator is a neutral facilitator who guides you through difficult conversations, helping you retain ownership and reach mutual agreement on all aspects of your divorce.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Done right, a prenuptial agreement provides peace of mind without unnecessary conflict, and lays the foundation for a successful financial partnership.

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Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Rackham Karlsson, Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

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  • "Above and beyond expectations of a lawyer."
  • "I never felt like I was just a case to him."
  • "Steady, compassionate mediator."
  • "He was extremely professional and straightforward ... open and honest."
  • "I hope not to have to be in need of his services again, but would recommend Rackham Karlsson to anyone who needs his professional help."

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